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I like nothing more than to have rational, calm discussions with anyone who has questions or wants to talk about my book or my beliefs. I have no interest in arguing with anyone about anything. Life is to short to spend any of our gifted time being angry or bitter with anyone. All human beings are considered friends until proven otherwise.

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9856 Waterside Way Soddy Daisy, TN 37379

This really is my home address because I want to be transparent about who I am. Please understand that I take my privacy and the safety of my family and friends very seriously. Please do not come by unannounced. My Home is under constant video surveillance. If you come to my house and you have any hostile intent, you are in grave danger even before you arrive. Know that in advance. If you come as a friend and I am expecting you, you are welcomed with open arms. My response is up to you. Thanks for understanding.