This Is A Spiritual Journey

Walking Away From.

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Bradford Chase is a writer and owner of a digital marketing business. His background is very diverse, and that likely played a part in a life-long searching for meaning to the spiritual side of life.

Growing up in Southern California, he started working when he was in the sixth grade on a newspaper route, back when those who delivered the paper did so on a bike with a bag. His parents taught him early the importance of a strong work ethic, how to deal with money, and the need for self-responsibility and self-reliance. This foundation set the stage for a life of learning. In the third grade, his family started attending a local Southern Baptist Church, and the teaching of the church followed him through many years of his life. He found himself entrenched in the rhetoric and under the moral spotlight that directed his train of thought, his fears, and his grasp of reality for almost 40 years. His background is eclectic, to say the least. Not only did he spend many years questioning why he believed what he did, he sought desperately to find his place of purpose in this world, looking for peace and comfort in a variety of career fields, excelling in each that he entered. After graduating from a southern university with a dual degree in physical science and biology, he initially wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but was discouraged by a well-meaning career adviser.

After earning his degrees, his career path was full of twists and turns as he tried to figure out what life was all about. His initial job was as a laboratory technician, helping a PhD with early monoclonal antibody research that lead to many of the treatments for HIV and cancer we have today. From there, he jumped to the airlines and flew as a flight attendant for a few years and enjoyed the chance to travel. When that got old, he worked nights, running programs on an early main-frame computer system and compiling data for programmers. He worked part time at a local airport in exchange for flying lessons and earned his Private Pilots License from the FAA, considering a career in aviation. Moving on from there, he drove down to Texas and managed a restaurant and bar for several years before joining the U.S. Air Force as an officer, getting trained as a navigator, and then an Electronic Warfare Officer. He flew a few thousand hours in the RC-135, including a year of combat time during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, earning a Combat Air Medal for some of the achievements during that world event. But that experience left him some scars that did not heal easily.

The next major event in his life came in the early 1990s, when his youngest son was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. This painful event helped with a decision to leave flying with Air Force and return to his original plan, working in a medical career, and went back to school, becoming certified as a nationally registered paramedic and working in Tucson Arizona as a paramedic and then Operations Manager for a large EMS company.

Returning to school several years later to Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and graduating with honors from the Physician Assistant Program, then working for 18 years as Nationally Board Certified Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine and Cardiology practices. He retired in 2015 to start his own company in a non-medical field and started writing more consistently. Bradford found himself completely disillusioned from the church by 2010 and spent many years searching for a foothold for the spiritual side of his life, for many years just wandering aimlessly, but never losing the deep-seated need to figure out what life is all about. A Spiritual Awakening in 2020 led to him leaving organized religion permanently.

This book is the culmination of some of that soul searching and outlines who he is today.

Bradford Chase


One thought on “Home

  1. I want you to feel free to discuss anything about religion or spirituality here in a safe and kind manner. There is no tolerance for hate speech or personal attacks. Period. You can use vulgar language if you feel you need to. If that offends someone, they need to just not read it and move on. I don’t want to censor anyone but I will not tolerate comments that degrade anyone’s religion, attacks anyone’s beliefs, or is hateful by MY standards (not yours, so get over it, this is my site not yours).

    There is a big difference between discussion and argument. We discuss here, we don’t argue. We don’t personally attack the author of any comment because we don’t agree with them. Get that through your thick skull and think before you press enter. Please.

    Thanks for understanding.

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